Have you developed a full digital strategy for your Bank?  Does this plan give you the platform you need to deliver to your customers the digital experience they are demanding?

Did you include all the digital products beyond digital On-Line Banking – Products like Bill Pay, Retail Digital Debit Card, P2P a product like Zelle, loan origination on-line, Digital Cash Management for small business, Digital Commercial Bill Pay, Wallet, Digital Debit Card as a virtual card?

Are you weaving this strategy into all your contract negotiations – Including Core, Bill Pay, Debit Card Processing, Debit Card brand, Account opening?

Is Everything Mobile? What is the experience of your customers?  Can they get the information they want when they want it and how they want it – Mobile Phone, Mobile tablet, or Desktop?

Are you negotiating with the vendor that you think is most likely to provide you the best Technology Infrastructure you need for the future? What is their road map for having these products operational?

We are negotiating contracts today for clients with a full view of a fully inclusive digital strategy.  If you would like to discuss email at Michael Wofford at michcael@michaelwofford.com