Testimonials & Reviews


There are plenty of satisfied customers and we are happy to be able to provide a few testimonials reflecting our hard work and commitment to the banking industry.

Not only do we pride ourselves on providing advice about top-notch banking technology, but we make sure that our clients receive fair prices and quality services from the vendors. Take a few minutes to read what others have to say about us.

“Thank you for assisting Security State Bank & Trust with selecting a new core vendor. This was a lengthy process; however, with your expertise and services the overall process was streamlined and a decision was made within the recommended timeline.

Utilizing your expertise and experience was extremely beneficial both financially and operationally. You provided insight in areas the bank had been overcharged by our current vendor and made sure the vendor review process covered those areas with lower pricing. With your assistance, the Bank was able to determine what core vendor best fit the needs of SSB&T today, as well as, for the foreseeable future. Your negotiations provided a huge savings to Security State Bank and Trust. The investment the Bank made with you was well worth the money! I strongly recommend any financial institution beginning this process to utilize your consulting services.”

Kay Stech
Senior Vice President/COO
Security State Bank and Trust
Charlotte, NC

“Our bank needed to complete a thorough but expedient core vendor review and without Michael Wofford’s assistance, guidance and perseverance we would have never been able to complete the task. Michael has the skills, knowledge and where with all to fully understand a banks needs and match them to a core provider. It was Michael’s negotiating skills that afforded the bank a tremendous amount of savings to our processing expenditures. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any other financial institution for consulting services.”

Dave Moll
Senior Vice President
Brotherhood Bank & Trust
Kansas City, KS

“During 2009 Michael Wofford helped our bank negotiate a major vendor contract that ultimately saved us approximately $800,000 over the five year life of the contract.  We feel confident that without Michael’s help we would not have been able to realize savings of that magnitude.  We found Michael to be very professional and represented our bank very well.  His expertise and knowledge was evident from the very beginning of the project.  It is without question that Michael will be the first person we will call whenever new projects or contract negotiations such as the one above come our way.”

Eddie Grubs
Senior Vice President
Independent Bank
Memphis Tennessee

“Leveraging Michael Wofford’s expertise and experience for First Federal’s largest decision of this decade returned a tremendous value. The financial gain found in negotiation for core services extended beyond our expectations and returned value in several key business lines. First Federal Savings Bank is well positioned strategically and financially for the foreseeable future, thanks in no small part to Michael’s representation and leadership.”

Evan Gottschalk
Vice President Operations
First Federal Savings Bank

“Thank you again for helping us in the process of choosing a core processor to work with over the next few years.  We found you to be extremely helpful as you worked with us in the following areas:

  1. Develop a request for proposal.
  2. Identifying several core vendors that might be a good fit for us based on our needs to whom we submitted our RFP.
  3. Preparing for the onsite demonstrations.
  4. Taking our observations and putting them in a meaningful format.
  5. Eliminating vendors from consideration due to limitations or pricing considerations.
  6. Preparing for and visiting other banks who used the core processors under consideration.
  7. Taking the information obtained from the core processors and putting it in a format from which we could make the best possible decision for the future of our bank.
  8. Helping us locate a law firm with experience negotiating core processing contracts.
  9. Helping us negotiate the final contract once we selected the vendor.

We all feel you helped us achieve a much better end result than we would have if you had not helped us.  We also appreciated your assistance in reviewing our debit card processing contract.  You were able to help us negotiate some better terms that will enhance our profitability going forward.”

Jack D. Hopkins
Community Bank of Raymore
Vice Chairman Community Bank of Pleasant Hill