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Banking Technology Consulting Services

The world of banking technology is constantly changing. As new vendors come to the market and new technology hits the industry, it’s hard for the community bank to stay well informed. Through our community bank consulting services, you can stay up-to-date with changes in technology and continue to ensure you have the right banking technology for your bank and your customer’s needs.

Your Industry Expert in the Banking Technology Market
When you partner with L. Michael Wofford, Consultants & Advisors, you benefit from having a banking industry expert on your side. We have used our industry experience to mold our technology management consulting services to ensure that you always have the technology you need to meet the needs of your clients. Over the past 30 years in the banking industry, we have worked and negotiated with all major banking technology vendors in the community bank market, and are able to bring that expertise to the table as we assist you.

Comprehensive Technology Consulting
At L. Michael Wofford, Consultants & Advisors, we offer comprehensive banking technology consulting services, including:

  1. Core Selection Services
  2. Contract Negotiation
  3. Cost Assessments
  4. System Upgrades
  5. Mobile Payment Integration

Whether you wish to make a change, have a question about a new technology or are looking to negotiate a new contract, our knowledge and support ensure you are expertly guided through the process.

Get a Better Picture of Your Technology Infrastructure
If you are looking to gain a better overall picture of your technology infrastructure, including those areas where you could improve, our custom technology questionnaire can help. We ask a series of detailed questions that allow us to make a thorough schematic of your technology infrastructure. As we assist you in making future plans for the technology development of your bank, that technology infrastructure becomes an important talking point and communication tool.

We have helped over 225 Financial Institutions  just like yours embrace community banking technology. Let us show you the options you have as you look to make your bank as effective as possible. Contact us today to learn more!

About Our Company

With over forty years of experience, Michael Wofford is a seasoned banking technology consultant specializing in assisting community banks and credit unions adapt to new technology and changes in the industry.

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400 North Church St, Ste #709
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